Interior Design Choices

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interior design choices

“Journal your likes and dislikes, so that when you’re ready to design the perfect room, you will know where to start…”

How to choose your fit out wisely

How to make the right interior design choices

When it comes to good interior design choices, we all need to choose wisely. We don’t have the time or energy to re-do what has already been done. For this reason we need to understand the choices to be made. Knowing this information up front, before choosing your next fit out company, will be important.

As with everything we have choices. Interior design choices are no different. Choosing furniture, colors, and accessories are just a few of the interior design choices that will be made when fitting out a home or commercial location.

Home Interior Design

Home design should include implementing comfort. Home interior design is specialized in as much as it concerns the target market, your family and your family’s function needs and requirements. With just a little effort on the part of the fit out company you select, and their ability to relate to the entire family, will make all the difference in the world.

Commercial Interior Design

The same goes for commercial interior design. Think of your target market. In this case, its the same as your business target market, your potential buyers and current client demographics. Are you an upscale retail shop? If so, your fit out needs to consider upping the design by furnishing with high end items. Are you a Doctor decorating your lobby? If so you should consider a general, appealing design of neutral colors that will appeal to all walks of life.

Choosing Furniture

Unless you are choosing furniture for your home, choosing furniture is not always a choice of personal taste. If you are fitting out your business, then you must consider the tastes of those who will be visiting your establishment.

If you are choosing furniture for your home, then of course, by all means base your final selections and make decisions on your, and your family’s personal taste. If you are choosing furniture for a commercial location or business, then you must consider form and function for those that will be frequenting your location. Keeping clients or prospective clients comfortable, by all means, is of utmost importance.

A prospect or clients wants to be comfortable when visiting your business. Although a visiting prospect or client may not realize it, a prospect or client wants the interior design of your location to be pleasing to the eye. If you satisfy the eye and find functional furniture then you’ve accomplishes your goal.

Choosing Color in Design

Choosing color in design is the same as choosing furniture. If the space you are designing is a personal one, then choosing color will be the same…personal. If you are choosing color for a commercial location then keep in mind your current target market.

Wall color is chosen depending on the personal preferences of the person living or inhabiting the space. Color choice is extremely important. Color sets the tone or palette of your home canvas. Most persons and businesses choose a neutral color palette. Homeowners choose neutral colors in case they decide to sell the home.

Most home buyers want to envision their own furnishings in the home they are deciding to purchase. For example, it is hard to a homeowner to envision his red furnishings inside a bright pink or bright navy blue colored room. Keeping your colors neutral, gray, beige or white is a smart choice; however, by all means if you do not intend to sell paint your rooms any color under the sun.

It is also hard to please every commercial prospect or client color palette. For this reason, keeping your room, furniture and accessories color neutral.

Personal choices concerning color are important to many homeowners who will be occupying the home for many years to come. A few color suggestions are as follows:

For males: Dark blue (navy), dark green and browns. Depending on the personality of the male, make your choices accordingly. There is a rare male that likes soft pastel colors, but some do so make sure of the personality of the homeowner or person you are trying to satisfy, be it yourself or a fit out client.

For females: Females are notorious for loving light, soft colors, even bold bright colors. Females typically have a vastly varying taste or range of color likes and dislikes. Color choices for females include, pinks, purples and pastels of any tone. Like males, determine your final choices by the personality of the person who will be living in the newly fit out space.

Choosing accessories

Choosing accessories or décor for your home or office is the icing on the already well-baked cake. Thousands of options for décor and accessories exist. A good fit out company will get to know your taste and decorate accordingly.

Accessories include: Pillows, rugs, cushions, wall prints or other wall décor, table lamps or other table ornaments or décor.

Try to remember that ‘less is more’; in this case do not over accessorize a room or space. If you do over accessorize your space will look cluttered and confusing.

So many choices in design

We all like making our own choices, but when it comes to design (if we know nothing about interior design), the choices can be tough ones to make on your own. There are many choices to make when it comes to interior design. Go through the list we have provided, one by one and write down your own ideas. If you decide to go with a contractor, you will have made his or her job a whole lot easier. They will base much of the design on your own choices. After all, you are the customer.


Making the right choices in interior design is easy if you are not the only one making the choices, and choose to commit to a reputable fit out company. Choosing the right interior design firm or fit out company in Dubai is a must! wants to be the choice you make. Contact us today for more information. We will provide several options for contractor’s once you submit your online quote via our website.


Until then, determine your own likes and dislikes and jot them down. Your own choices will be important information that the interior design or fit out company needs to help you design the perfect space. 

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