Interior Design 101

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Learn the elements and principles of good interior design

Learning the basics, or Interior Design 101 in this case, will help you when you hire your new fit out, or interior design team in Dubai. Let’s get started now. Here is our lesson in Interior Design 101 – Learn the elements and principles of good interior design.

Elements of interior design

Space, line, form, color and texture are 5 key elements of interior design. It doesn’t matter whether you have an already decorated room needing re-designed, or an empty space and palette. Either way these 5 elements of interior design are essential. These elements are the tools you will use; much like the painter uses a canvas, brush and paint.

The elements of interior design

  • Space
  • Line
  • Form
  • Color
  • Texture

Keeping these elements in all your design is essential to a beautiful end-result!

Principles of design

  • Balance
  • Rhythm
  • Proportion
  • Scale
  • Emphasis
  • Unity


Using your allotted space correctly is key. Whether you are working in a large area or space, or confined to a small area, bring all the remaining elements into your design.


Second only to color, line in a room is extremely important. If your dominant line is straight then all other elements should be straight as well. Choosing different directions, or line, will only confuse the on-looker’s eye. Whether it be vertical, horizontal or diagonal it makes no difference. All line should be emphasized using the same direction.

  • Vertical lines add height, they create mood
  • Horizontal lines are more informal, and work well in casual spaces
  • Diagonal lines are trendy and lead the eye to key pieces, art or furniture
  • Curved lines soften an area, and used best in feminine rooms


Do your lines join together? If so, they have form, or shape. If your room does not have form and shape then it is not well fitted.


More than anything else, color sets the stage and mood in a space. Color can also hide a plethora of unsightly areas, chips in a concrete wall, etc. The best way to determine colors for a client room or for a personal space you are designing is go to your clothing closet. What are your or your clients favorite colors based on their clothing. They, or you, may say you want a particular color but if its outside of what you choose otherwise, in clothing or other, then you or your client will not be happy with the end result. Changing your like or dislikes for color in your design is a mistake. No matter how much you want to try yellow, if yellow isn’t in your wardrobe, then chances are you do not like the color yellow.


Do you have different texture likes or dislikes, i.e. silk chintz or moire? Having textures to a room adds certain visual appeal. Keep within the confines of complimentary textures. In other words, don’t combine wool or muslin with silks and or silk type materials or look-alike’s. Avoid contrasts in textures.

Do I need a professional interior designer?

It is always worth the added extra investment to use a professional for anything. If you do not know house plumbing, would you attempt to do it yourself? Hardly. Good to find the right interior design in Dubai.

Why hire a professional designer?

A professional designer understands the elements and principles used in interior design, better than anyone. It is easy to list or discuss the elements and principles of interior design, it is a bit harder to grasp the concepts if you have never professionally design a space.

Positive and negative space in design

When talking about positive and negative spaces it is important to first understand the term “space”. Usability is what defines negative or positive space. Most of us think we understand space, but do we understand space in regards to fit out? Negative space is space that is not used for human habitation. Likewise, positive space is considered, in most cases, to be habitable.

Interior Design 101

There is a lot to learn about interior design. The above article provides basics, or Interior Design 101 lessons. If your passion is to fit out a room, or if your passion is to locate a fit out company to do the work for you, then learning the basics will help you understand the process of design.

Fit out Contractor’s in Dubai

Fit out contractors in Dubai, good interior decorators hold back nothing. is a fit out firm that has the experience it takes to turn your space into something functional. Here is what you don not want from fit out contractor’s in Dubai:

  1. Delay: Delays are never good. In this case it could hinder occupancy of a property or upset your already busy schedule having to deal with a company who isn’t concerned about doing their job well, but sooner than later.
  2. High cost: Everyone wants quality but not at a price they cannot afford. You never want high cost from your fit out company. The phrase, “You get what you pay for’ isn’t always true. You can get high quality at an affordable cost from
  3. Risk: There is certain risk in everything we do, but we don’t want to risk our time and money on inexperienced fit out companies in Dubai. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable company with plenty of experience. It will pay off in the end if you do a little homework.

What can do for you

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