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Come to Fit Out Select For Efficiency, Affordability and Exclusivity in Hotel

The fitout and refurbishment of a hotel or hospitality venture calls for a significant degree of creativity and the ability to include and execute innovative trends and ideas that will add to the profit generating capacity of the business. The renovations not only have to appeal to senses of the business owner, but also to the patrons who will eventually be visiting the establishment.

In fact, this is what makes the process for hotel design in Dubai unique from renovation projects undertaken for other types of commercial establishments. At Fit Out Select we not only have the experience but also contacts with the right contractors, architects and designers. These professionals bring to the table the perfect blend of creativity, foresight and zeal for exclusivity.

So, whether you are looking to have the interiors of your hospitality venture done from the ground up or are interested in refurbishments, Fit Out Select can help to translate your business and artistic visions into reality, while ensuring that all design aspects meet the key goal of keeping your customers happy and coming back for more.

How can Fit Out Select help?

We are a turnkey refurbishment, renovation and general contracting firm working out of Dubai. Known to offer premium, customized solutions that are specifically geared towards the requirements of the service and hospitality sectors, Fit Out Select has broad exposure in handling a variety of projects across the UAE.

This has given us the experience and helped us to develop expertise in various aspects of the designing process, which allows the firm to execute a broad range of renovation, refurbishment and fitout projects. With a large, diverse and reliable workforce, we can not only ensure flawless designing but also the glitch free execution of design plans.

The Fit Out Select Philosophy!

We have dealt with clients across the entire spectrum of the hospitality and service industry and we owe our success to simple philosophies that we ardently follow in all of the firm’s endeavors.
● Loyalty to the client’s vision and brief
● Deliver on the promise of functionality
● Create interiors that meet international standards of hospitality design
● Offer a unique and memorable experience to the end customers of the business
At Fit Out Select we start all our projects by clearly understanding and precisely interpreting the requirement of our clients in terms of design. This is of paramount importance to us because we know that these factors impact the final outcome of the project.
Every task is treated with exclusivity, so what our clients get is a unique and distinctive hotel design. Dubai has had stupendous growth in the hospitality sector and we understand that this has left customers spoilt for choices and has heightened the need for innovation in design. So, our team ensures that creativity and originality reign supreme while delivering optimal hotel design Dubai solutions.

You will have access to some of the most gifted interior designers

Fit Out Select employs and contracts with an exclusive group of highly experienced architects and interior designers, from Dubai and the world over. These professionals are specifically chosen for their skills and exposure within the hospitality sector. The creative energy of our workforce, when combined with our commitment to employing cutting edge technology in the design process, creates a formidable team that can handle any project. No matter how big or complicated your requirements, we guarantee that our team will deliver unique interior designs that are of world class standard.

What kind of projects can we undertake?

We have been handling a myriad of refurbishment, building, renovation and fit out projects for hotels, spas, restaurants, leisure and exhibition facilities, cinemas, retails outlets and more. The scope of our expertise encompasses every aspect of the design and building process, from project management to supply procurement, engineering and fit out, all under one roof.

A coordinated and collaborative approach to hotel design in Dubai

  • We judiciously implement the collaborative and coordinated approach to design delivery and in keeping with it, Fit Out Select offers a complete range of interior designing services which include:
    Planning of internal space
  • Concept designing, including the selection of lighting, accessories, artifacts and hard finishes, etc
  • Schematic design development
  • Detailed documentation of interior design
  • Tender evaluation and coordination
  • Construction
  • Installation of design aspects
  • Site supervision

We don’t just put you in touch with the best and most creative contractors and designers in the business, Fit Out Select will be with you every step of the way, handling issues and glitches, so that the project can be completed on time and within budget.

Why should you consider Fit Out Select?

We know that deadline extensions and increase in renovation/designing budgets can translate to huge losses for a hospitality venture, which is why we are diligent in ensuring that our clients have a clear understanding of the project time line and the expenditure. On our side, our deadlines and quotes are met with utmost sincerity. If that is not enough, here are a few more reasons to connect with Fit Out Select for your hotel design Dubai project:
Fast track renovation: We are equipped to handle fast track design and refurbishment projects in closed as well as operational environments. Working in coordination with our contractors and clients, we employ optimal refurbishment strategies that limit lost space and lower operational revenue loss, and this is done without compromising on the quality of the deliverable.
Value designing: Fit Out Select has significant experience in providing world class hotel designs to demanding budgets. Talk to us and we will guide you on alternatives to specified products, finishes and suppliers. We help our clients to ensure they do not waver from the design intent while realigning expenses to suit their budget.

What can you expect from Fit Out Select?

  • We understand that every project is unique and personal, so you will find the Fit Out Select Team maintaining the client’s vision as the guiding and driving force in the designing process.
  • With our expertise in finishes, colors, designs and concept, we will turn your vision into reality
  • Our team of expert artisans, contractors and designers will take the time out to understand your specific requirements, pertaining to the project, including delivery time and budget
  • We steadfastly adhere to our deadlines and offer the most competitive pricing in the industry
  • Fit Out Select Designs will give you an edge over your competitors with interiors that get noticed
  • Our designs are not only aesthetically impressive but also create a sense of belonging

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