4 Tips to Help Streamline Your Fit Out

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Whether you’re planning to build your office in the empty shell of a new building, or you’re simply looking to refurbish and update your current office space, planning a fit out can be a complicated, arduous process. There are countless details that must be painstakingly dealt with – and all in a specific order – to ensure that your fit out goes without a hitch, and if you get a single detail wrong you can quickly find your costs ballooning and your timeframes extending into the distance.

That’s why it’s so important to work with only the best fit out decorators to help you design and build your office environment. Only those contractors with extensive experience in projects large and small will have the skills and expertise to deliver the service you need.

Choosing the right contractor is your most important task, but is there anything else you can do to help your project run smoothly?

Of course! Here are just four things you can do to help make the most of your budget, reduce the risk of delays and make sure you get the office of your dreams.

  1. Solidify Your Goals: The best fit out decorators will be able to provide lots of helpful advice for the best way to make the most of your space, from relocating walls and partitions to maximizing your storage space, but they can only do a great job if you give them a solid base to build upon. Before you start to shop around for fit out decorators, it’s a good idea to sit down with your staff and discuss the improvements that could be made to your office environment. You should try to get an idea of any problems they’ve found with the existing space, from a lack of power outlets to cramped desk space to poor lighting. Once you have an idea of the problems that can be easily fixed, the next step is to think about your overall vision. Work out your primary goal for your refurbishment. Do you want to move to an open plan layout? Create more private office space? Improve the flow of natural light? Only once you’ve settled on your primary goal can you begin to contact contractors, who can then use your vision as a base to begin designing your perfect office environment.
  2. Find a Turnkey decorator: When the time comes to select your fit out contractor it can be tempting to hire multiple firms to carry out the work. After all, some contractors might specialize in interior design while others will excel in sourcing discount fittings and furniture, so it makes sense that working with several firms could give you a better service at a lower cost. In fact, the opposite is true. The UK’s Chartered Institute of Building found that using turnkey fit out contractors – firms that handle the entire process from the initial appraisal and design to installation and aftercare – works out 40% faster and 15% cheaper than using multiple firms. With that in mind, far and away the best thing you can do to reduce costs is to hire a full service fit out provider.
  3. Appoint a Representative: So, you’ve developed a strong vision of what you want from your new office, and you’ve found qualified contractors who can turn your vision into reality. The next step is to nominate a ‘point man’ to act as the guiding voice and primary contact between your business and your fit out contractor. The reason for this is simple: too many cooks spoil the broth. Your chosen contractor needs to be able to work to a clear brief, without endless input and revisions from everyone from the CEO to the office manager. As such, a single, trusted representative should be given the task of guiding the project through from the initial design phase to the final day of installation, with absolute authority over all decisions.
  4. Revisit Your Original Vision: Finally, once you’ve found a great contractor and have received a cost estimate for the work, your last job before giving the green light should be to revisit your original vision, and to decide if you’re entirely happy with the plans. How do the current plans compare to the goals you set out on day one? Are you getting everything you want, or have you allowed the scope of the project to creep away from your original vision?

The moment you’re happy that the plans in front of you reflect what you imagined on day one of the project you can give the thumbs up, secure in the knowledge that your chosen decorator will deliver the office you want, at a price you love.

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