Tips for Choosing Fitout Contractors

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The spectacular growth of Dubai in recent years has given the emirate one of the busiest and most competitive construction industries in the world, with countless firms competing for the honor of taking part in a major construction project. With so many lucrative projects available in this ever-growing metropolis, some of the world’s foremost construction firms, interior designers and fitout contractors now call Dubai home.

There are so many firms competing for contracts, in fact, that it can often be difficult to make the best choice when selecting contractors. It can be confusing to choose between a dozen fitout contractors, each promising the earth and swearing that they can do a better job at a lower price than any of the competition.

So how do you choose? Is there a secret to finding the best fitout contractors in Dubai?

Is there really a way to determine which firm is best suited for your project, or do you have no choice but to select one at random and hope for the best?

Fortunately, there’s an answer. If you’re looking for a fitout contractor, all you have to do is follow these three simple tips to help identify the firm that can offer you the best service at the right price…

Confirm Their Reputation

Reputation is everything in the construction industry. No contractor can survive for long without glowing recommendations from former clients, so whether you’re looking to renovate your home or furnish every office in a high rise building, nothing is more important than finding a contractor with a solid track record.

As such, your first step in the selection process should be to ask for references from any contractor hoping to work with you. You should be able to speak to former clients and visit past projects to get an idea of the standard of work you can expect. To learn what you can expect from your contractor you need to ask former clients about every aspect of their experience: whether their job was completed on time and on budget; whether there were any problems or disputes, and – perhaps most importantly – whether the client would hire the contractor again in the future.

If a contractor can’t provide a list of solid references on request you should immediately eliminate them from your shortlist. Promises mean nothing. Only results count.

Check Their Level of Service

Not all fitout contractors offer the same degree of service. Some will only join a project in the end stages, to install fittings and furniture you’ve already selected and sourced, while others will want to manage a project from start to finish, playing a role in everything from the initial design to procurement to installation. It’s up to you to choose which you prefer, but a fitout contractor who can provide a complete service from inception to execution will usually be the best choice.
When selecting your contractor you should ask exactly what services they can provide.

Do they have experience in interior design?

Do they have the contacts and purchasing power to source furniture in bulk, and at reduced prices?

Do they know how to properly manage a project, dealing with everything from budgeting to labor disputes?

Examine Their Ideas

Once you’ve determined that your chosen fitout contractor has a stellar reputation and can provide the level of service you need, the final step is to ensure that they can bring a degree of creativity and innovation to your project.
A good fitout contractor should be able to offer input and advice on the best way to use your space. Contractors should offer more than just an installation service; they should also be well versed in the most innovative techniques to help design an outstanding environment.

With that in mind, the final step before making your choice should be to sit down with each contractor and ask them to present their ideas for your project. They should be able to use their expertise to design a space that offers everything you need, and give you a good estimate of the expected cost.

The Final Choice

As you can see there are many factors involved in choosing the best fitout contractor to suit your project. It isn’t an easy task, but your job will be made much simpler if you choose to work with Fit Out Select.

With a team of contractors specially selected for their extensive experience, expertise and creativity, Fit Out Select contractors can offer everything you need, and more.

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