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Choosing the right interior design companies in Dubai

Come to Fit Out Select for Flawlessly Executed Remodelling and Renovations!

Interior decoration and renovation of commercial or residential premises can quickly turn into a mammoth nightmare if you are working with the wrong contractors. However, for most businesses as well as homeowners this is a once in a blue moon endeavor which means that they are starting with little information and limited experience. This is what leads to trouble as such projects typically involve the contributions of more than one contractor.

It's a classic case of too many cooks spoiling the broth!

Regardless of how small or big a renovation, construction or interiors project is, it will undoubtedly involve many hands. However, you may not always know about the best contractor to handle a specific segment of the project. Unfortunately, because every element of the design is crucial, a few errors or a bit of shoddy work can impact the outcome of the entire project. THis is why it is so important to find the right interior design company in Dubai. Not to mention that in most cases, you will take on new contractors on the recommendation of the people you are already working with and they may very well have a margin on the deal. This will increase your total costs. Another factor to consider is that most people only start with a vague idea of the final results of their project which makes planning a truly tedious task. More often than not deadlines are not met and the budget increases significantly.

How can Fit Out Select help?

We not only have experience in every aspect of remodelling and construction projects, but also we are connected with some of the most talented people in the business, including designers, architects and contractors. This means that no matter how small or large your project, it gets handled seamlessly and without any glitches. We synchronize the work of all the contractors and workers who will be contributing to the project. So, the task gets completed on time and without overshooting the budget. We choose the best contractors for you, weed out those whose work is not work up to par and coordinate their activities in such a way that every day and hour is spent productively. This not only calls for an extreme amount of diligence and judicious planning but also foresight and an accurate anticipation of any issues that may crop up.

Who are we?

One of the leading fit out companies in Dubai, we cater to the entire UAE market, handling a wide variety of projects. From home renovations and constructions to office remodelling, the interiors of commercial premises and hospitality ventures and much more, we have handled all of these. What makes us stand out among the hordes of interior design companies in Dubai is our commitment to ensuring that contractors meet their promises. We only bring along artisans, construction sub contractors and interior decorators we have worked with over a period of several years. So, we have utmost confidence in their expertise and the quality of work they deliver. When you come to Fit Out Select, you are taking the pain, the risk and the effort that goes into successfully completing a remodelling or renovation project. We handle things from the very beginning and see it through to successful completion. So whether you are a business contemplating an interior facelift, a home owner remodelling, or a developer with a major commercial project on your hands contact Fit Out Select to meet and discuss your needs with the UAE's most dependable, creative contractors.

How are projects handled?

Fit Out Select deals in commercial and residential remodelling and renovation. So, whether you are a home owner or a developer building a large commercial space, all you have to do is give us a call to discuss your requirements with our skilled team. With all our clients, we start the process by understanding the specific requirements and the expected results. This helps us to chalk out a clear plan, offer accurate estimates and timelines and bring in the best people for the job. A meeting is arranged between the clients and the contractors, to foster transparency in the deal. You will get multiple quotes, so you can not only choose the contractor but also the budget.

Why should you be working with this Fit Out Company in Dubai?

For one, we do all the hard work for you, so that you get to enjoy your newly renovated home or work space without any of the issues typically associated with renovation work. We have a stellar reputation in Dubai for handling fit outs of all sizes and types and delivering high quality work. At Fit Out Select, we believe in keeping our delivery promises. So, you will get the quality of service and workmanship that was promised to you when the deal was finalized. Our contractors have the experience and the creative zeal to deliver beautifully designed homes that will be a joy to live in and awe inspiring commercial spaces.

The Fit Out Select Advantage

  • Quick an accurate assessment of the client's requirements
  • Complete and thorough project planning
  • Access to several of the best contractors in Dubai
  • Our team has international exposure
  • Culture of accountability towards completion of the project
  • Clear idea of the costs involved in the process
  • Time and money savings
  • Hassle free completion of the project with minimal input required from the client
Call us today and let us handle your renovation/remodelling project for you!

Some of the companies our contractors have worked with:

  • Toyota
  • HSBC
  • Ajman Bank
  • Emaar
  • Apple
  • Subway
  • Dubai mall
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Healthy food
  • just falafel
  • Kraft
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